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Re: Incoming directory status


	Umm, looking at the upstreams defaults, as well as the limited
 case of my particular needs, I don't think that suid perl should be
 bundled in by default.  I realize that people _need_ suid perl, and
 so it should be provided, but people should have the option for not
 having it on the system too. 

	I need perl on my machine, but I don't want suid perl (for
 security and disk space reasons) [I know suid perl is very careful;
 paint me paranoid]

	I think the current break up is fine.


>>""Peter" == "Peter Tobias" <tobias@server.et-inf.fho-emden.de> writes:

Torin/Darren/Who Ever... wrote:
Torin> I haven't heard anything since including what should go into perl-base.
Torin> I see three options:
Torin> 1) Leave the packages split the way they are.  Only 1 complaint
Torin>    isn't bad.
Torin> 2) Put the subsidiary perl packages into the main perl package.
Torin>    That's almost 1.4 Meg additional for stuff the casual perl
Torin>    user doesn't want.
Torin> 3) Some other suggestion that someone comes up with.
Torin> I like #1 the best but I'll go along with what's chosen...

"Peter> I would prefer to have a "normal" perl package with the normal perl
"Peter> stuff + suid-perl and a separate perl_debug package (which most
"Peter> people don't need).

"Peter> Thanks,

"Peter> Peter

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