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Re: Package naming rules.

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> In message <199605071714.KAA25871@bb29c.mdd.comm.mot.com>, Bill Mitchell writes:
> >recently remarked, renaming packages is a pain.  I don't think that we
> >should lightly make a change which would require renaming 77 packages
> >which are currently in distribution.
> I don't understand why people keep saying renaming packages is hard ---
> REPLACES: + CONFLICTS: = renamed package.  Am I missing something?
> Now, I also think the "right" way to do this is to create tools for most
> common scripting languages so they can get the info from within the .deb
> file, rather than trying to coax it out of the file name.
Actually, I'm trying to do just the opposite. I need to coax the right
file name out of the directory in one case. In the other I am trying to
determine, via interigation of dpkg what version is currently installed
and compare that to the version available in the archive.
One of my problems revolves around the inconsistancy in external and
internal package names, requiring exception handling.
The other problem comes from recieving more than one line back from ls
even when grep attempts to filter out those lines that don't contain the
package name. 
I can probably work around both of these with more code, but I currently
handle three exceptions because of the internal external issues, an I
haven't finished with devel yet.



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