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Re: aout-gcc

On Tue, 7 May 1996, David Engel wrote:

> > As the current maintainer of octave (fairing poorly I might add) this may
> > pose problems for me in the future. The current version of octave will
> > only work correctly in the a.out version. The ELF compiled version has
> > problems on several fronts. The developer has told me that he is too busy
> I'm not familiar with octave.  What problems does it have with ELF?
When I took over the package it was still a.out. I had to patch the source
several times and build an elf f2c (someone else has since upgraded it to
elf. Thanks) before I could finaly get it to build ELF.

When the program loads, it complains that it can't load symbols from the
binary file. I have never been able to get through more than 3 or 4 pages
of the help screens before the program seg faults, so I'm not even sure
that it functions properly in other respects. I have had reports that
asside from the symbol complaint others have been able to get it to work.
My feeling is: If I can't read the help screens, I can't use the program.
For these reasons I have suggested that the archive drop back to 1.1.1-1
(the a.out version) until I get the new release working.



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