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RE: Package naming rules

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Oliver Oberdorf wrote:

> Being as
> 1. Many packages have already been installed and configured with
> the indiscriminate "-" names.

So, that simply means we have some things to fix.

> 2. Some programs have an original name with a "-" (such as pcmcia-cs)
Yes. What's wrong with changing them in Debian to pcmcia_cs. If you write
these files to a CD, there are some cases where the ISO standard causes
this change to be automatic.

> 3. To change the naming convention would produce a period of time 
> where the debian packages would be confused or have wild | syntaxes
> to check for -/_ package names.
We are about ready to go for a new release. What better time to clean up
all these dangling wires.

> I wouldn't like to eliminate the use of "-"s in package names.  I
> would be more accepting of avoiding "-"s in *future* packages, though
> I don't support this idea either.
> I'd cast one meager vote against the idea.
> BTW, it should be fairly easy to teach grep to pick out the package
> you are interested in with or without the "-" problem.  Just use
> some \-[0-9] type code(s)
If I understand what you said here (my first response was "What?!") then
grep (and split) will parse the package name and version number together
in one word that will require code to break it appart (instead of needing
to put it back together)

This is a technical issue. I hope we can keep the: "I don't want to do
this because it has broad impact." kind of arguments to a minimum. 

The fact that many packages are effected by a change, is not, in my
opinion a reason to avoid the change. In many cases it is an indication
that the change is long overdue!



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