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Bug#2901: Can't build package

Hello Ian!

}> Package: at
}> Version: 2.9a-11
}> dpkg --build debian-tmp
}> [..]
}> dpkg-deb: building package `at' in `debian-tmp.deb'.
}> dpkg-deb: conffile `/etc/at.allow' does not appear in package
}> make: *** [binary] Error 2
}> Could the maintainer please put this file into the package (or persuade
}> dpkg not to moan. (it's dpkg 1.1.5elf from the actual boot floppies)
}at should not contain the file; instead, it should be removed from the

Humm, what do you think about the following: at contains at.allow, but
removes it in the postinst if the file contains the same data as at
packaging? (so it won't be removed if the user has created it.) To my
feeling it _is_ a configfile and therefore should be listed in

}at is orphaned at the moment, unfortunately.

It's orphaned? So nobody will be angry if I just change this and make
a new upload, correct?



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