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Re: aout-gcc

On Tue, 7 May 1996, David Engel wrote:

> > Who's currently maintaining the aout gcc? Shouldn't we try to have an aout
> > version of the gcc-2.7.2 to have the same version for both gccs? Or is there
> > a problem with 2.7.2 in aout?
> I am the current, reluctant maintainer for aout-gcc.  There are two
> reasons it was left at version 2.6.3.  The first was stability since
> Debian 0.93R6 was built with it (this is the same reason aout-binutils
> is still at version 2.5.2).  The second was to encourage development
> to move to ELF.  You'll need to find another, more willing maintainer
> if you want it upgraded.  I'd prefer see the aout-* packages phased
> out instead of upgraded.
As the current maintainer of octave (fairing poorly I might add) this may
pose problems for me in the future. The current version of octave will
only work correctly in the a.out version. The ELF compiled version has
problems on several fronts. The developer has told me that he is too busy
working on the new release to try and find these problems in the old
release (also appears he does no development in a Linux environment) so I
am somewhat forced to wait for the new release. However, when it arrives,
there is no guarantee that it will work any better under ELF than the old
version and may yet need to be compiled as a.out. As many of the problems
with the current version have to do with advances in compiler features
(there are two patches for the current source tied to upgrades in gcc as
it stands)
If an up-to-date a.out gcc is not available, this package may have to be
abandoned. That would be disapointing to at least two of our users. (There
may be many other octave users, but I have only heard from two so far.)

Thanks for your time,


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