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Bug#2312: Silly message from diff about fifos

Bill Mitchell writes ("Re: Bug#2312: Silly message from diff about fifos"):
> I'm closing this bug report.

Why ?

> Here's the test I did to duplicate the problem:
> root:/root# diff -ru dpkg-1.1.5 duplicate
> File dpkg-1.1.5/dselect/p is a fifo while file duplicate/dselect/p is a fifo

Yes ... but the message shouldn't appear at all.  diff is supposed to
report differences, and there is no difference here !

You don't see it say
  File spong is an empty file while file foo is an empty file
do you ?

I'm reopening the bug report.


> This message appears because of:
>     root:/root# file dpkg-1.1.5/dselect/p duplicate/dselect/p
>     dpkg-1.1.5/dselect/p: fifo (named pipe)
>     duplicate/dselect/p:  fifo (named pipe)
> and:
>     fstat (f.desc, &f.stat)
> and, later:
>     if (S_ISFIFO (st->st_mode)) return "fifo";
> and:
>     message5 ("File %s is a %s while file %s is a %s\n", ...

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