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Bug#2883: syslogd mysteriously stops logging to tty8

Package: syslogd
Version: 1.2-9

My syslog.conf contains:

 # I like to have messages displayed on the console, but only on a virtual
 # console I usually leave idle.
  news.err;news.notice;*.=debug;*.=info;*.=notice;*.=warn;cron.none -/dev/tty8

(Line wrap is just in this posting; in fact `news.crit;' and
`news.err' have no spaces in between, and cron.none is followed by a
tab not a space.)

Every night my system goes down for backups; this involves switching
to a runlevel where not many daemons are running, doing the backup,
and then switching back.  syslogd is kept running; it is not restarted
on the runlevel changes, because I only have S links for it in all the
runlevels in question.

During the backup I can see that syslog is still working properly, and
logging to tty8 - `logger' can be used to show this, and named
periodically logs some guff which I can see.

However, when the backup is complete the system switches back to a
normal multiuser runlevel.  After this runlevel change syslogd has for
some unknown reason decided not to write to tty8 any more.  I have to
send it a SIGHUP to get it to start writing there again.

There are no other processes which do anything to tty8, to my

This message is really about two bugs:

(a) The bug that syslogd stops logging to tty8.

(b) The bug that it doesn't appear to provide any way to find out why
it has decided to stop logging on a particular file/device.  It ought
to record the system call that it was attempting and the errno value,
perhaps in a file specially opened for the purpose, or by using a
special log message.

I can supply an strace listing of syslogd as it fails, made by
attaching strace to syslogd during the backup and then detaching it
after the system had come back up.


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