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Bug#2885: Umsdos tries to sync unmounted drives

Package: hello
Version: 0.8-3

On bootup, /etc/rc.boot/0umsdos runs "umssync" on /floppy.  The problem
is that while /floppy is listed in /etc/fstab, it is only there as a
convenience, and is not auto-mounted at boot time.  This leads to an
error message fromn umssync, which is inelegant, although harmless.
The error message is:

This utility must operate on a directory
of a umsdos mounted file system.  Even an msdos
file system will not do.  If this is the case,
umount the file system and remount it as a umsdos one.

My solution was to modify /etc/rc.boot/0umsdos to read:


echo "Syncing UMSDOS filesystems ..."
grep umsdos /etc/fstab|grep -v noauto|awk '{FS= " "; print $1,$2}'|
while read dev dir
	/sbin/umssync -c+ -v- -r99 -i+ $dir
	echo $dev" has been synced."

(Note the addition of "|grep -v noauto", which solves the problem).

Hope this is useful.
M a l c . . .             |  "We've checked, and it's definitely not a bug.
(malc@thing.demon.co.uk)  |  It's fixed in the new release."  -- Help line.

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