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Bug#2677: small mime-support problems

Erick Branderhorst writes ("Bug#2677: small mime-support problems"):
> > Since the only things in the package (for now) is /etc/mailcap and
> > /etc/mime.types, I didn't feel one was appropriate.  I can add a
> > PD notice if you like.
> is it under the GPL or PD, if GPL add a symlink to it, otherwise add
> some PD thing, but don't we have enough copyrights?

Please don't make symbolic links to the GPL, Artistic and BSD

Doing so makes it impossible to add extra information, like the
authors (which is required for compliance with the GPL and BSD
licences and probably the Artistic one too), where you got the files,

Instead say something like:
 "Debian's <foo> package was put together by <maintainer> from
  sources obtained from <ftp site>.

  <foo> is Copyright 1999 <spong> and is released under Fred's
  Ultimate Freeware Licence, which can be found in
  /usr/doc/copyright/Freds-Ultimate on Debian systems.

  The modifications for Debian (the addition of the debian.* files and
  the changes to the original source code) are Copyright 2001
  <previous maintainers> and <maintainer> and are also released under
  Fred's Ultimate Licence."


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