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Bug#2677: small mime-support problems

Brian C. White writes ("Re: Bug#2677: small mime-support problems"):
> Since the only things in the package (for now) is /etc/mailcap and
> /etc/mime.types, I didn't feel one was appropriate.  I can add a
> PD notice if you like.

Yes, it ought to have one - that way you can (for example) extract all
the copyrights automatically.

> Would it be worth while having a standard "PublicDomain" copyright?

Why ?  You need a separate file in /usr/doc/copyright to say who the
authors are, &c (you want to give credit even if it's not legally
required, right ?), and adding a sentence saying `This is public
domain' is shorter than `See /usr/doc/copyright/Public-Domain for
a detailed description of public-domainness, which applies to this


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