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Bug#2828: Horrible aliasing problem (was xosview)

Raul Miller writes ("Bug#2828: Horrible aliasing problem (was xosview)"):
> Maybe you could maintain a table of symbolic links to directories.
> This table would be reasonably small and could be updated any time
> dpkg notices a change.
> You might want to document some kind of mechanism to upgrade the
> registry if the sys admin re-arranges things between dpkg runs.  [For
> the most part this shouldn't be necessary, as you'll only miss
> directories which are targets of symlinks dpkg hasn't seen but which
> have files installed by dpkg.]

This is an interesting solution, but it doesn't work well if the
sysadmin moves a filesystem without telling dpkg, and dpkg wouldn't
know to check and the sysadmin wouldn't expect to have to tell it.

I could just refuse to cope with aliasing between different packages.


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