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Re: Question about 'extra' K links in init directories

Steve Greenland writes ("Question about 'extra' K links in init directories"):
> When I installed dpkg-1.1.6, it offered to remove some superfluous
> K links in the init directories (i.e. some daemons get stopped and
> then immediately restarted). I have two questions/comments:
> 1. dpkg installation seems like a weird place to do this :-)
>    sysvinit maybe?
> 2. The guidelines say :
>  In Debian GNU/Linux, we try to ship our software in as much of a
>  "default" state as possible.  Therefore, unless there is a good reason
>  for doing differently, we ask that you start and stop the services in
>  each of the multi-user state runlevels (2, 3, 4, and 5).
> This seems in conflict with dpkg's offer.

dpkg is right and the Guidelines are wrong.  I've fixed them.

> (Also, I guess that should be 'In Debian Linux' now...)

Fixed that too, throughout.


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