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[ATTENTION] The AMD automounter will not work with newer kernels!

Hi folks,

all of you who are using the 4.4bsd automounter 'amd' should be aware
that the amd will not work with newer kernels (especially not with the
kernel of the upcoming 1.1 release) due to changes in the NFS kernel

I am currently working on that problem, but i can not guarantee a fast
The symptoms of the problem are repeated messages in the kernel log
like the following:

May 2 15:45:30 daniel kernel: nfs_stat_to_errno: bad nfs status return
value: 116

And the message 'I/O error' when trying to access a automounted
directory.  Looks like the mount-helper code needs to be changed...

I can confirm that the amd will work with kernels up to 1.3.84: That's
because i am running it on two systems with 1.3.77 and 1.3.84 kernels.

I will not file that as a bug, because the maintainer, which happens
to be me, already knows about it... ;-)


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