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Re: sendmail, deliver and procmail

You (Dominik Kubla) wrote:
> Some stupid guy created his own mail.local instead of porting the BSD
> sources (or he did a very poor job at porting it), that's where the
> confusion started. That version is floating around for quite some time
> now and people keep talking about the correct BSD port when they
> really mean that piece of junk. We are using the BSD mail.local at our
> site in an NFS setup with AIX, HP-UX, SunOS/Solaris, Irix, SPP-UX,
> NetBSD, Ultrix and Linux systems for some years now without a problem.

I'm a bit confused now ;). The correct version that you are talking
about _is_ the mail.local from the sendmail sources, right? I haven't
had any problems with that either. And, I mean, it is *included* with
sendmail - how can anyone want to use something else?

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