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Re: boot-floppies beta 1

I tried em. There very user friendly and the base system installed and 
booted flawlessly. However;

The base system alone deosn't seem to have an editor of any kind or did I 
miss something.

There deosn't seem to be an area in the install process which asks for 
modules to load at boot time ie= network card modules.

I use an old ne1000 clone card in my test system and the module ne.o 
needs to be passed "io=0x300" in order to install properly.  There is no 
allowance for this in the current way modules are installed.  So I hacked 
/etc/init.d/modules to include this:

                if [ "$module" = "ne" ]
                then param=" io=0x300"
                else param=""
                modprobe $module $param
Is there a better way.


On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I have uploaded "beta 1" of the boot floppies. Please try them. They
> are in "incoming" on master.debian.org . Please use
> "new-master.debian.org" or "primer.i-connect.net" to get to the same
> machine if you have trouble connecting. I am now working on the
> documentation.
> 		Thanks
> 		Bruce

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