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sysvinit-2.60-1 uploaded to master

And here is the changes file:

Date: 08 Apr 96 12:27 UT
Source: sysvinit
Binary: sysvinit 
Version: 2.60-1
Maintainer: Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl>
 sysvinit: System-V like init.
Priority: Low
 - Fixed race condition in init.c, resulting in hanging shutdowns.
   Courtesy of Max Neunhoeffer <Max.Neunhoeffer@urz.uni-heidelberg.de>.
 - Fixed debian/etc/init.d/boot for swapon and mdadd
 - Added architecture to debian.control
 - Updated inittab manpage for 4-character runlevel field
 - Added debian replaces for bsdutils < version_without_mesg
 - Fixed init.c so that it also works with kernels 1.3.81 and up
 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root        67156 Apr  8 14:27 sysvinit-2.60-1.tar.gz
 -rw-r--r--   1 root     staff       53185 Apr  8 14:27 sysvinit-2.60-1.deb
 f767e8196806bebb5b0adb043085ac0e  sysvinit-2.60-1.tar.gz
 06a6fd697ef5a428c23aebe35572fb31  sysvinit-2.60-1.deb
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