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Re: Bug#2362: bash (readline) dumps core on completion

> > Ooh, I missed that one package bit.  Readline should definitely be a
> > separate package for just this reason.
> But then you *have* to install the new librl before you install bash,
> which creates another `ordering dependency'.  It's bad enough having
> ones for libc5 and dpkg, which are fairly obvious.
> The problem would go away, I suppose, if we could put librl in with
> libc5 ...

As Rolf (I think) already noted, this same "problem" applies to any
other shared libraries that are part of the base system (libncurses,
libgdbm, etc.).  I don't really want to re-open the ordering debate
again, but the ability to upgrade cleanly and safely comes with a
cost.  The cost is that some things must occasionally be done in a
particular order, at least for the base system.

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