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Bug#2381: Pine posts...NOT Pine does not set a default NNTP server

Dale Scheetz writes:
> But it wasn't sent to you privately. The original message was copied to
> the news group, so all that you might quote has already appeared there.

No, the bug was that:
Person A sees message in newsgroup from Person B
Person A sends email to person B saying "I agree, but if my boss found out..."
Person B uses Pine.  The message to person B has a Newsgroups: line in it,
  because it is in reply to a News posting.  Person B quotes relavant
  sensitive info for context.  Pine says "post this"?  because it has a
  Newsgroups line.  In this case, the case where it was NEVER POSTED, the
  question should NOT BE ASKED.  Person B should have to jump through HUGE
  hoops to get that posted again.

That's my understanding of Ian's original bug report.  If it only offered to
let you post things that went through the news groups, I doubt he, or any
other sane member of the usenet community would have a problem with it.

> BTW, could you quote the pertinent portions of the standard you
> reference, or at least, point us to the source for these standards?

Hmm..  Written community standards.  An interesting idea.  I suppose they've
been put in a book somewhere.  This is the same as asking "When I go to Japan,
how do I act?  Is shaking hands OK, or does that mean that I want to kill you?"

I believe there are some articles by "Emily Postnews" (or similar) in
news.announce.newusers, but I haven't exactly been looking for those
in quite some time.

I guess the main thing to do is to watch how others act for a while first.
See what ticks them off.  This will help you fit in, in Usenet, as in
all lands foreign.

> The 'Everybody knows about this' POV almost always leaves me out. As I am
> sure that it leaves others ITD also, I encourage you to be complete in
> your grounding information.

Well, others may be able to provide you with references, but *my* grounding
information came from the fact that I watched and listened for quite a while
before I even *thought* of speaking.

A lesson which many could learn.

> Like, you mean, there are lots and lots and lots of them?

Naw, just that the ignorant ones are the most vocal ;)
(Now, this doesn't include you, so don't even...)

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