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Bug#2381: Pine posts...NOT Pine does not set a default NNTP server

Dale Scheetz writes:
> But it wasn't sent to you privately. The original message was copied to
> the news group, so all that you might quote has already appeared there.

Please see my most recent message on this subject, which will
hopefully straighten you out on this point.

> BTW, could you quote the pertinent portions of the standard you
> reference, or at least, point us to the source for these standards? The
> 'Everybody knows about this' POV almost always leaves me out. As I am
> sure that it leaves others ITD also, I encourage you to be complete in
> your grounding information.

Unfortunately USENET *is* defined by `everybody knows about this' - or
rather, by `those in the know know about this'.  `trn' is the
`industry standard' newsreader; it and its predecessor (both in terms
of software history and in terms of being the standard implementation)
`rn' have included a Newsgroups line in their mailed replies for
years.  This much at least is verifyable, though no doubt the Pine
maintainers will assert that since it doesn't appear to have been
documented anywhere we have no evidence for our claims.

Carl V. Streeter writes:
> Hmm..  Written community standards.  An interesting idea.  I suppose they've
> been put in a book somewhere.  This is the same as asking "When I go to Japan,
> how do I act?  Is shaking hands OK, or does that mean that I want to kill you?"

Quite, USENET is very much like this.

> I believe there are some articles by "Emily Postnews" (or similar) in
> news.announce.newusers, but I haven't exactly been looking for those
> in quite some time.

The articles in news.announce.newusers are not intended for the
authors of software packages, who are presumed to know what they're
doing.  They tell you `don't post private email'; they don't tell you
`a Newsgroups line doesn't mean that the mail message you're reading
was posted'.


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