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Bug#2381: Pine posts...NOT Pine does not set a default NNTP server

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Carl V Streeter wrote:

> Dale Scheetz writes:
> >
> > If it is ok for Pine to post to news groups when running 'news mode' why
> > is it all of a sudden inappropriate to offer to post something back to a
> > news group currently involved in the thread simply because you are in
> > 'mail mode'?
> Because it's violently opposed to usenet standards.  You're taking something
> which was sent to you privately, and probably quoting parts of it for the
> world to see.  This is how flame wars start, and the main reason
> (other than stupidity ;)  why they are not "welcome".
But it wasn't sent to you privately. The original message was copied to
the news group, so all that you might quote has already appeared there.
The reply text is the only part that hasn't yet appeared in the news
group. Why should the reply be recreated as a news post just to satisfy the

BTW, could you quote the pertinent portions of the standard you
reference, or at least, point us to the source for these standards? The
'Everybody knows about this' POV almost always leaves me out. As I am
sure that it leaves others ITD also, I encourage you to be complete in
your grounding information.

> This is an unforgivable act, in every way.
> > I am passing the bug report on this
> > issue upline to the developers, but I wouldn't hold my breath if you are
> > looking for this to change any time soon.
> Which is why people who use pine for news are regarded along the same lines
> as AOL users ;) ;) ;)
Like, you mean, there are lots and lots and lots of them?



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