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Re: maintainer field format (was Re: Automating the upload process)

Bill Mitchell writes ("maintainer field format (was Re: Automating the upload process)"):
> I noticed last night that "pgp -kg" says that the desired form for the
> user ID is your name, followed by your E-mail address enclosed in angle
> brackets.  I changed the MAINTAINER field in the dchanges control file
> to conform to this.


> What is the desired form of the maintainer field in control files?

>From the Guidelines:

]    The `Maintainer' field should be in the form
]      Joe J. Bloggs <jbloggs@foo.com>
] Note that this will not be useable as an email address if the name
] given contains full stop characters, because of a silly restriction in
] the Internet mail standards.  If you want to use this as an email
] address in a program you should check for full stops and change the
] string to the form `jbloggs@foo.com (Joe J. Bloggs)' if you find any.

The comment about full stops probably applies to other characters not
in [A-Za-z0-9 ].

Pine, incidentally, chooses to change the string to
 "Joe J. Bloggs" <jbloggs@foo.com>
which I think is more ugly, but is definitely valid.

People who *really* want to know about RFC822 addressing should go and
read RFC822 :-).  Hold onto your hat (err, and/or stomach, when you
get to the bits about route-addrs and groups).

> I made dchanges(1) use the contents of the maintainer field from the
> first .deb file encountered (as returned by "dpkg-deb --field ...")
> for the userid when invoking pgp to sign the changes file.  That seemed
> reasonable, and will require a key with that userid to exist on the
> invoker's keyring.  Is this OK?

This is fine as a default, and we should encourage people to make the
maintainer and key name strings match up.  However, there should be a
way to override this.  ~/.dchangesrc ?


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