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Re: Architecture name

David Engel writes ("Re: Architecture name"):
> [Ian Jackson:]
> > How do I discover the canonical architecture name for the compiler I'm
> > using ?
> > 
> > Ie, for a i386/i486/Pentim I want the string `i386'.
> Your best bet is probably to run 'gcc -print-libgcc-file-name' and
> parse the output.

Urgh.  OK, I propose to add a new feature to dpkg:
  dpkg --print-architecture
will print the architecture that it was compiled for (determined as
above, with horrible hacks).

This information will, for most packages, be copied into the package
control file's Architecture field.

If a package is architecture-neutral the Architecture field would
contain `*'.

dpkg will refuse to install packages if the Architecture is wrong.


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