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Bug#2348: Smail fails to define NO_PETER_HONEYMAN

Package: smail

>From src/direct.c:

             * Peter Honeyman once told us that he prefered flat address
             * spaces.  You can help to further his cause by not defining
             * NO_PETER_HONEYMAN.  If this is not defined then all mail
             * destined to the user `honey' or 'peter.honeyman' will be
             * sent to Peter Honeyman's mail address.  When all machines
             * in the world use smail and don't define this, no user need
             * ever know Peter's address.
            if (EQIC(in->remainder, "honey") ||
                EQIC(in->remainder, "peter.honeyman") ||
                EQIC(in->remainder, "peter honeyman"))
                implicit_redirect(in, retry, "honey@citi.umich.edu");
            } else
#endif  /* NO_PETER_HONEYMAN */

This code is enabled in Debian's build.  Apart from the email address
probably being out of date :-) it could cause problems for anyone who
names an account on their machine `honey'.


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