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I am moving the uploads into the FTP archive today.

>From now on, all uploads must be accompanied by a .changes file generated by
the latest version of the "dchanges" program. Please download the "dchanges"
package if you don't have it. I am automating the upload process, and will
no longer accept uploads without a mechanicaly-generated .changes file.

It's not immediately obvious if some of the uploads are intended for the
development tree (and are compiled for ELF) or if they are for the stable
tree. I am moving them into the development tree if I am in doubt. Please
note in the .changes file if the package is a.out or ELF. (Bdale - should we
have two separate upload directories for stable and development? I think so.)

Once the upload procedure is fully automated, I will require that .changes
files be signed using PGP to verify the identity of the uploader. This will
take a while, but I would suggest that developers become familliar with PGP
now. (Bill Mitchell - please make "dchanges" capable of invoking PGP to sign
the file.)


	Bruce Perens
Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com>
Pixar Animation Studios - Reality is not our business.

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