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Bug#933: Pine wants to post my email reply, and other problems

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Carl V Streeter wrote:

> Dale Scheetz writes:
> >
> > Within a few minutes the user can determine what NNTP server to use,
> Not necesarily.  As a very knowledgable user at my university, I tried
> to install a news reader, and the only way to find *a* let alone *the*
> NNTP server was to run strings on rn.  Certainly not for the faint of
> heart ;)
> Generally in the case of a news reader, those "sane" defaults can only be
> determined after asking for the NNTP server or some other information.

Well, according to the topic of this bug report, the proper NNTP server
is "". This bug report is a complaint that Pine should not be posting
email to news groups! A properly configured NNTP server doesn't support
this argument.

Look, I agree that configuring an NNTP server would be a good thing to do
in the Pine installation. After all, it does so for an SMTP server. I
just don't see how this bears on the bug report.

> > > >Choice of an NNTP server is intended to be left up to the end user!
> > >
> > > Consider the case where the end user has limited technical knowledge.
> >
> > Then he probably shouldn't be trying to post to news groups.
> Technical knowledge is not the only knowledge relavant to newsgroups...
> Consider the case where the end user just got a new job.  Should he not
> be able to fire up any newsreader that's installed, and continue about
> his business, or should he spend half a day trying to find the
> overworked sysadmin to figure out which NNTP server to use?
Consider the package maintainer who is tired of wandering all around the
current topic space. Rather than say RTFM, I will QTFM. Line three of
bug-reporting.txt, found in package/standards says quite clearly:

"Please don't report several unrelated bugs in one message."

It is quite clear to me, from the broad rang of this thread and the
number of off topic points under discussion, that this is a crucial issue
in dealing with bugs.

To insure that this standard is adhered to, I will make it a practice to
note such confusing bugs when they are issued, and close them in favor of
bug reports that fit the standard.

Note: this bug report does not fit the standards for proper bug reporting
and will be closed at my earliest convenience.



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