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Re: Bug#2329: Xpm4.7 -- Missing control fields

>> Okay.  I've always added it into my control file (which I got from the
>> "hello" package).  Is it supposed to exist in the "Packages" files?
>The `hello' package's control file doesn't contain a Section field.

So it isn't!  <sheepish grin>  It seems I've been adding the to all
my control files without even thinking about it.  I guess it just seemed

>Please refer to the packaging guidelines for details of what should
>appear in your package control files.  Don't look in the Packages
>file, since it contains information which shouldn't appear in your
>control file.

I will.

At least the "xpm4.7" and "xpm4.7-dev" package descriptions are
missing this field, though, and dftp depends upon it.

>Perhaps I should make dpkg-deb throw up an error if your package
>contains `size', `filename', `md5sum' &c.

I guess I put in section so you (or whomever moves the file from the
Incoming directory) would know where it went.  I suppose that should
be added in the "changes" file or in the pathname of the file list.

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