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Bug#2351: xdm doesn't detect gpm mouse lock

> > I had this problem when using a PS/2 mouse. The solution was to use MCONV2
> > which allowed both X and gdm to have control of the mouse. I used this
> > solution with an old Slackware installation, but have not tested it with
> > Debian.
> > > Title:          mconv2
> > > Version:        0.1
> > > Entered-date:   Fri Jan 27 1995
> > > Description:    Allows more than one programs to use a ps/2-style mouse
> > >                 simultaneously, and also the use of programs which doesn't
> > >                 understand the ps/2 mouse protocol, but does understand
> > >                 the microsoft serial mouse protocol (like svgalibdoom).
> > > Keywords:       ps/2, mouse, svgalib, doom
> Yes!  This works good.  I have made two devices out of my mouse with this
> program and X and the console work with the same device now.

Doesn't the additional "-R" parameter for gpm solves the problem as well?
Search for "repeater" in the gmp manpage.

Section "Pointer"
    Protocol "mousesystems"
    Device "/dev/gpmdata"

Rolf Rossius

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