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Re: Netscape

Daniel Quinlan on Netscape:
> If a commercial company is going to make it hard to distribute their
> software on free systems, why make it easier?  I think it would be far
> better to encourage the distribution and use of a free web browser.
> And a good one now exists...
> The W3 Consortium has recently made their Arena web browser freely
> redistributable.
> It is HTML 3.0 compliant, graphical, and free!  Someone with
> initiative (and time) should try to set up a Debian package for it.

I will do one. The problem is that Arena still has a lot of really nasty
bugs, e.g. when dealing with Forms. Anyhow, we should include Arena as
the standard WWW client to view our HTML documentation on X.

Anyone interested in developing a style file for Debian HTML documentation?

Another thing is that the png library from the libgr package is not 
up to date and doesn't work correctly with Arena (at least for interlaced
PNG images).  


Helmut Geyer                                Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

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