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Bug#2336: Wide SCSI compatability with Debian 0.93R6

> 1.  I am trying to use a Adaptec 2940 Wide scsi adapter with a 4.0 gb scsi
> drive.  I notice that the 2940 is on the compatability list, but not the
> wide version.
I think that the fast, wide Adaptec 2940 SCSI adapter isn't supported in
Linux kernels earlier than 1.3.52.  The kernel in the 0.93R6 system is

> 2.  I downloaded the three base diskette files, but when I gnu-unzip them
> they seem slightly larger than 1.44 diskette.
Well, gzip -d reports the exact number of bytes, not the number of "MBytes"
which is commonly used to refer to 2^20 bytes, i.e., 1 MByte = 1048576 bytes.

> Do I use RAWRITE to copy the files onto diskette?

> 3. Is there a CD-ROM version of Debian 0.93R6?  I am not quite so
> forturnate to have a T1 link to my work or home.
Pacific HiTech  info@pht.com for a canned info message
                (801) 261-1024 for a human
    Linux Archive Monthly, March 1996   ~$13
        This issue has a late version of the 0.93R6 release, including
        mods to it since November's release (notably to the boot &
        root disks)

> Any help will be appreciated ;-)
> Mahalo
(What's Hawaiian for you're welcome?)

Susan Kleinmann

P.S.  debian-bugs is actually not the appropriate mailing list for your
question.  Rather, questions like this one (how-to ...?) should be
directed to debian-user.  Hope that helps.

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