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Re: Bug#933: Pine wants to post my email reply, and other problems

This is, again a multi-part bug report! Focusing on one problem at a time 
is the reason these reports are numbered in the first place!

The first question is a discussion about how the posting facility works 
with pine. The second problem is, in fact, the solution to the first, in 
that it disables the feature that problem one found objectionable.

I can do nothing functional about either of these issues. I feel certain 
that Ian J. is more capable than myself at figuring out how to *properly* 
configure INN to work compatably with pine's NNTP feature

If you don't want the news posting feature to work in pine just uncomment 
the 'nntp server=' line in /etc/pine.conf.fixed and no users will have 
access to an nntp server.

I intend to mark this bug done if there is no better indication of pines 
involvement that has been thus far demonstrated.



Ian J. writes:

> When I (guest, that is) hit `r' for Reply while viewing the message,
> Pine gives me the prompt:
>  Post follow-up message to news group(s)?
> If I answer `y' it decides I want to do a posted `followup' instead
> of a reply.
> Presumably it does this because the message I'm replying to has a
> Newsgroups line.
> This is completely ridiculous behaviour, and probably stems from an
> inability on the part of the author to understand conventions used on
> the net.
> The presence of a Newsgroups line in a mail message you have received
> does NOT indicate that it has been posted to those newsgroups.  It
> usually indicates that the message relates to a discussion which is
> taking place in those newsgroups, and is provided as a helpful hint
> for reference purposes by newsreaders like `trn' (the de-facto
> standard USENET newsreader).
> Furthermore, posting a followup which would probably contain quoted
> text would be a bad violation of netiquette (if not illegal in some
> way), as it is conventional (if not obligatory) to obtain someone's
> consent before publishing personal correspondance they have sent you.
> This feature should be removed from Pine.
> If the authors disagree with you please:
>  (a) Refer them to me and to news.admin.*
>  (b) Fix the problem in Debian's version of Pine anyway.
> I note that the news posting facilities in Pine do not work in my
> Debian configuration.  I do not consider it a great loss.  The
> tendency of every program in existence to jump on the news posting
> bandwagon is pernicious and should be resisted.
> Incidentally, if I ask to post a message by using the `^T' key in the
> compose screen I get a message saying that I can't post to newsgroups
> because the NNTP server is not defined.  This message is accompanied
> by a beep and is immediately erased - I could only read it by holding
> down the `^T' key, which made it half-visible.
> I went and configured my INN installation as my NNTP server and the
> only thing that was obviously suspicious was the Path: line, which
> contained
>    chiark.my.domain!chiark!guest
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^ presumably entered by Pine
>     |
>     ^ put in by INN
> Pine has no business putting a Path line in postings it makes via the
> NNTP POST command.  It should leave that to the NNTP server.
> For comparison, a message posted directly via NNTP says:
>    chiark.my.domain|news
> which come from nnrpd and innd.
> At least Pine did ask:
>  Posted message may go to thousands of readers. Really post?                     
> Ian.
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