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Re: MSDOS filenames

Stephen Early writes ("Re: MSDOS filenames"):
> My preference would be for separate split copies to be put in the msdos 
> area. I think that keeping single files for each package in the main 
> 'binary' section which will be distributed by ftp and on CD-ROM is neater 
> than allowing floppies to dictate file sizes for every distribution method.

Well, what I was planning to do if all the files are split was to have
all the files split into 450K chunks.  This will help mirror sites and
people downloading over flakey links too.

> I assume disk space isn't a problem?  At some point I'll upload a 
> properly Debianised version of the X source tree (as opposed to the 
> present diff-only version) which will take up a fair amount of space...

I think this is the question we really need answering.

It would be a bad thing for sites not to mirror the msdos hierarchy
because we couldn't be bothered to deal with split packages everywhere
making the msdos hiearchy be full of duplicated data.


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