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Re: libgdbm.so.2?

> Probably, this is a problem of version numbers:
> there is an official version number of gdbm (1.7.3) and there are version
> numbers for the shared libraries (.so version).
> In the case of gdbm, I'm not aware of any official shared library version,
> so I'm using the source package version.

I believe the use of libgdbm.so.2 comes from the fact there was (for a
short period of time) a version built with ELF libc.so.4 which used
libgdbm.so.1.  I did some checking and unfortunately found that both
RedHat and Slackware are using libgdbm.so.2.

> David, Siggy, should I change this?

As I see it, here are our options.

1. Leave our package unchanged and tell users to hand edit their
binaries which use libgdbm.so.2 to use libgdbm.so.1.

2. Add a dummy, "compatibility" libgdbm.so.2 to our package which
simply loads libgdbm.so.1 at run-time.  This dummy library can be
easily built by running "gcc -shared -o libgdbm.so.2
-Wl,-soname,libgdbm.so.2 -lgdbm"

3. Change our package to use libgdbm.so.2, update any packages which
use libgdbm and optionally add a compatibility libgdbm.so.1 which
loads libgdbm.so.2 at run-time.

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