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Re: libgdbm.so.2?

> Is there any work being done to produce a libgdbm2 package? If so, what is its
> status?
> I'd like to run the ELF version of Executor, but it requires libgdbm.so.2.

Hi Rob!

I maintain the libgdbm1 and libgdbm1-dev packages. These are based on 
the FSF's gdbm-1.7.3 (the latest from prep.ai.mit.edu). 

Probably, this is a problem of version numbers:
there is an official version number of gdbm (1.7.3) and there are version
numbers for the shared libraries (.so version).

In the case of gdbm, I'm not aware of any official shared library version,
so I'm using the source package version.

David, Siggy, should I change this?

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