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Re: ho hum...

Raul Miller writes ("Re: ho hum..."):
> Bruce Perens:
>    I will add you back to debian-private. I think some people dropped
>    off due to delivery errors. I can bump the error trigger up so that
>    will not happen.

Bruce, doesn't it notify you when this happens ?

> How about other developers who are not on debian-private?

I think the idea is that all the developers are.  This falls down if
they're not, of course.

Bruce, would you like to get the maintainers file from the bug
tracking system and compare the list of addresses in it with the
subscriptions to debian-private ?

> Are the guidelines being updated?
> (http://www.debian.org/Documentation/...)

Yes.  They're being moved into dpkg; that WWW copy will have to be
uploaded separately.

Should I leave the WWW site maintainer to do the conversion ?  I
could have debian.rules convert the file to the right format and
upload it along with dpkg-1.x.x.deb &c.


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