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Re: Revision roll-over

Richard Kettlewell writes ("Re: Revision roll-over"):
> Dale Scheetz writes:
> >This is just a request for varification.
> >
> >As I understand it, revision number 0 is reserved for Debian-only
> >packages, that is, packages who's upstream maintainer and Debian
> >maintainer are the same person.
> dpkg has to be the canonical Debian-only package, and has no revision
> field; I've always reasoned from this that Debian-only packages have
> no revision number, just a version number.

That's right.  See (the latest version of) the packaging guidelines.

> >This implies that when the upstream package goes from 1.13 to 1.14
> >that the Debian package might go from 1.13-5 to 1.14-1
> >
> >Have I got this right?
> That's what I've been doing...

That's right.


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