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Re: init linked dynamically

You (joost witteveen) wrote:
> I'm just a bit puzzled here: I've heard someone remind us that
> we SHOULD have rm, ln and all linked statically somewhere on our
> harddisks, but I just noticed that
>   ldd /sbin/init
>         libc.so.5 => /lib/libc.so.5.2.18
> Now, I wonder how much use these statically linked copies of rm are?
> If ever my /lib vanishes, how much use will they be? (I assume that on
> the the rescue floppy disk is /lib, so still no use for static rm?)
> What am I missing?

The system won't come up when you've messed up /lib, but everything that
is running at the moment that you mess up will keep on running.
The /lib files are still there, only the directory entry is deleted after a rm,
not the actual file (not until the reference count is down to 0).

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