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Re: de-supporting the 1.2 kernel

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Simon Shapiro wrote:


> If you want, I can add a status note to released kernels.

That would be a very good idea.

> In this spirit, 1.3.57 is fine.

I agree. It is reasonably stable. It's a good candidate for basing the 
distribution on it, unless until there is another more stable kernel.

> I am going to start testing 1.3.59 tonight.  (...)

Fine, but be aware that Linus made it far from home just to fix the big 
problems that 1.3.58 had. I would not bet on it.

I don't want to stay with 1.2.13 all life. I am running 1.3.57 myself. I 
just don't think it gives a distribution an image of reliability if we 
just jump to the latest and the greatest kernel without a reasonable 
testing period. Changing now to a more recent kernel is necessary. But I 
would not like Debian to become a moving target with respect to the kernel.
It should not be upgraded very often.

	Fernando Alegre

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