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Re: de-supporting the 1.2 kernel

Bruce Perens writes ("de-supporting the 1.2 kernel"):
> At this point I'd like to de-support the 1.2 kernel for our upcoming
> 1.1 release.  [...]

Does this mean that if I want to keep running a released kernel I have
to stick with 0.93 ?  Or are you just saying that the kernel on the
basedisks will be 1.3.x and that 1.2.x will still be supported (as in,
bug reports will still be accepted) for running packages, in general ?

Alternatively, are you planning to tie the 1.1 Debian release to the
1.4 kernel release ?

How incompatible are 1.2.x and 1.3.x ?  I'm running what's now quite
an important production system and I don't want to break lots of
stuff ...

NB I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea, I'd just like the
difficult questions asked and answered *before* the decision is taken


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