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de-supporting the 1.2 kernel

On Thursday, Linus declared the code freeze in preparation for issuing
a stable 1.4 kernel.

At this point I'd like to de-support the 1.2 kernel for our upcoming
1.1 release. The ramdisk interface has changed a whole lot, and I'd
rather only support one of them. The interfaces of a lot of other
things have changed as well. There is important device driver support
in 1.3 that does not exist in 1.2 . The 1.3 kernel is now a good bit
faster than 1.2 . 1.3 does not seem to be significantly buggy at this

The current kernel version is 1.3.58 . Linus is in the US for more than
two weeks, so that kernel won't be changing for a while. Simon has uploaded
1.3.57 (it's in Incoming) and I guess he'll be able to upload 1.3.58 soon.



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