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Re: netpbm vs. pbmplus

Ian> >It should obviously be in the path by default.  

Obviously, Ian. That's why I asked... :-) :-P :-)

Chris> explicitly mentioned in FSSTND.  I like it because, I like to ls in
Chris> /usr/bin/{mh,netbm} to try to find which program I need.  Perhaps the

I normally use apropos and tab-completion for those purposes.  If I
apropos tif, gif, or xpm on a Debian box, I get a list of the netpbm

Without pbmplus clashing with netpbm, I support merging it in
/usr/bin.  500+ binaries already in my /usr/bin, I wouldn't have the
option of doing an ls of it anyway (even if I wanted to).


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