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Two things...

1) Well, since no one else has volunteered to take on Ghostscript, I
guess that means I get it.  I will try and package up Aladdin
Ghostscript 3.53 in the very neary future (like this weekend).

I'm still very much amenable if someone else wants to take this off my

2) Part of glimpse needs which---I haven't looked at the sources, but
I do know that every single time I run glimpseindex I get "execl:
whereis not found" or something to that effect.  It's damn annoying
since the only way to silence the output in my cron job would be to
zap stderr, which would then leave me blind to any actual errors.

What do we want to do?  Is there a script we should write?  Looking at
the man page on our Solaris box here, it looks like which is actually
part of csh, so that leads me to ask if anyone knows what the
ramifications would be for tcsh users?

Whatever we decide, I could include which as part of glimpse,
or---possibly more sensibly---we could make it part of a more general
tools package.


"I thought I'd something more to say."

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