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Re: netpbm vs. pbmplus

'Ian Jackson wrote:'
>* Regarding /usr/bin/netpbm/*p[pgb]m* vs. /usr/bin/*p[pbg]m*:
>It should obviously be in the path by default.  It's true that it has
>quite a few binaries, but not a huge number compared to the 560-odd
>that are in /usr/bin on my system.
>Since the alternative is trying to figure out a new scheme for
>dynamically modifying the default path, and then having a devil of a
>job getting it into every path-setting program, I think this is
>clearly the best solution.

But /usr/bin/mh already exists and has 32 files in it.  The mh case is
explicitly mentioned in FSSTND.  I like it because, I like to ls in
/usr/bin/{mh,netbm} to try to find which program I need.  Perhaps the
postinst should warn that the programs aren't included in the default

My opinion is any package with > ~20 files in /usr/bin should create a
subdirectory of /usr/bin.

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