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Re: Bug#2154: Minicom postinst script error

Peter Tobias writes (reordered - iwj):
> Why are minirc.dfl and minicom.users in /var/lib/minicom at all? At least
> minicom.users belongs to the /etc directory. I'm not sure if minicom.dfl
> is more a configuration file (/etc) or a state file (/var/lib/minicom).

I agree.

> PS: I already discussed it with the minicom Debian maintainer. But he
>     thinks that /var/lib/minicom is the correct place for both files (and
>     closed the existing bug report).

Perhaps we should discuss it here and come to a consensus.  In the
meantime let's leave the bug reports open to make sure it doesn't get

If we can't agree then I suppose Ian M. will have to make a decree.

> BTW: /var/lib won't be part of the next fsstnd/fhs release.

It won't get removed if I have anything to do with it.  Its removal is
part of a very heated and often overly-personal discussion regarding
the proposed BSD filesystem standard merger on the FSSTND list.  I
don't think we should discuss it further here.


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