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Re: Packaging Harvest cached

Martin Schulze writes ("Packaging Harvest cached"):
>  1. Where should the cache files go?
>     I have chosen /var/spool/proxy on my system, but you might want
>     them somewhere else.

Why not /var/spool/harvest ?

>  2. Where should logfiles go?
>     I have choosen /var/log/cached/*. These are two single files so
>     they might also fit in /var/log as well. What do you want?

Why not /var/log/harvest (or just in /var/log) ?

>  3. Rotating logfiles. 
>     Harvest cached can rotate logfiles itself, but it does not compress
>     them. I have disabled this feature to rotate them manually (via
>     savelogs), cached can reopen the files, so that's no
>     problem. Should I do the same for Debian?

Yes, I think so, unless you have a good reason not to.

>  4. Where should the binaries/libraries go?
>     I have choosen /usr/local/lib/harvest which might not be a good
>     idea. Anyway what do you want there?

Obviously when you package it for debian you should put it in /usr,
not /usr/local.

>  5. The files are owned by nobody.nogroup, do we have them and which
>     values do they have.

What is owned by nobody.nogroup ?  We have them, but you shouldn't
make binaries (for example) owned by them, unless there are special
circumstances.  See the guidelines.

>  7. Harvest cached is a little bit freaky. Using the original code you
>     cannot run it in an environment that isn't connected to the big
>     internet. It does some tests with the nameserver.
>     How should I mention this? It depends on any nameserver, it is not
>     useful on a single site.

Mention it in the postinst.

>     The above mentioned tests will probably fail on sites that are
>     connected to the internet only temporarily and cause the cached to
>     quit.
>     Now, what should I do? Shall I disable the tests? Shall I change
>     the hostnames? (I did that for me, we have two nameservers in out
>     net, but no internet connection). If so, which hostnames should I
>     use instead?

If you can make it work for other people too that would be good :-).

>  8. Shall I enable the proxy for everyone? (allow all) Or should I deny
>     acces to it by default and let only hosts on the local net use it?
>     If so, how shall I determine the local network?

The default should probably be read access by anyone with the same
domain component in their hostname - ISTR that's how I shipped
Debian's old broken INN package.

> 10. On which port should the cached listen?
>     The default is 3128. I choose 81 for myself. (88 is reserved for
>     kerberos) 8000, 8080 and 8086 are also used by several sites.

Is there some reason not to use the default ?  I note that it's not a
low port.

> 11. On removal, shall the cache be emptied and all logfiles thrown
>     away?

Only on purge, I'd say.

> 12. The original version is 1.4.pl0, does this make problems with dpkg
>     versions? I haven't found something on this topic in the
>     Guidelines. If I don't get an answer I will assume that there are
>     no problems.

I'm afraid there's no documentation on it that I can find.  1.4.pl10
is fine, provided it increments in an `obvious' way :-).

> BTW: There are a bunch of documents concerning Harvest cached, I seem
> to remember that they only exist free as postscript files. Shall I
> fetch and install them, too?

Yes, perhaps as a separate package.


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