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Re: Bug#2191: dpkg --purge don't work

Martin Schulze writes ("Bug#2191: dpkg --purge don't work"):
> It seems that dpkg calls the prerm script with "remove" as $1 even if
> it is called with --purge.

Please read project/standards/maintainer-script-args.txt, and the
transcript below.

I'm closing this bug report.


-root@chiark:test-package> dpkg --purge test-package
(Reading database ... 17440 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing test-package ...
test-package prerm: remove
dpkg - warning: while removing test-package, directory `/usr/lib/test-control' not empty so not removed.
test-package postrm: remove
Purging configuration files for test-package ...
test-package postrm: purge

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