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Re: Which files in /usr/sbin?

  Raul Miller writes:
  Raul>  Peter Tobias: - How many percent (estimation) would use it. If 90%
  Raul> won't need it -> sbin
  Raul> This seems a bit arbitrary -- more than half the binaries in /usr/bin
  Raul> are used by less than 10% of all users.

So what? That argument is besides the point. Taken to its logical
consequence, would you rather prohibit these people from using Unix just
because they use it for nothing more than, say, running pine?

We are discussing here what to put where. I might simplify, but I see it as
 - a split between the / and the /usr partition depending on what's needed
   during boots
 - a split between bin and sbin depending on whether it's in the user's
   or the sysadmin's playground.

A distributions as ours proposes to put files in certain places, mostly in
accordance with the Linux FSSTND. But every *local sysadmin* is free to mess
his system up to his or her complete and utter satisfaction. 

You simply cannot cater for everyone at once. If a user needs traceroute,
what wrong with defining an alias or softlinking into ~/bin?

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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