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Re: Which files in /usr/sbin?

Fernando wrote:
> I am more convinced that the fsstnd definition is too simplistic. I am
> going to file a bug report on that. Do you know who is responsible for
> that within Debian?

FSSTD is a separate project from Debian. Two participants that I know
of are Ian Jackson (iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk) and Daniel Quinlan
(quinlan@gnu.ai.mit.edu). They can tell you how to get the current
draft of the FSSTD document and how to correspond with the FSSTD mailing
list. Please read the whole FSSTD draft before you correspond with the
FSSTD mailing list.

> Maybe layout bugs/complaints should be forwarded to the Debian "layout
> arbitrator". Who is currently close to being it?

I think this should be taken up with FSSTD. I would suggest that you
close out the bug reports on this until you get a determination from
FSSTD, and then only open them again if the FSSTD and Debian's current
practice differ.

Note that FSSTD is about to make a new release of the standard, you
may or may not be catching them at a good time.



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