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Re: Bug#2182: perl shouldn't touch /usr/local

Did anyone read my mail message about this?  Did it get through?

Rob Leslie <rob@mars.org>, in a magnificent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>> In message <[🔎] 199601190632.BAA24180@deimos.mars.org>, Robert Leslie writes:
>>> Perl creates a directory /usr/local/lib/site_perl/i486-linux, but FSSTND
>>> says, about /usr/local:
>> Where, then, would the FSSSTND have me put CGI.pm (a piece of Perl
>> code that is not part of the standard perl distribution, likely never
>> will be, yet I need on just about every system I work with)?
>I personally don't care where you put it, but it *would* make sense for you to
>put it somewhere in /usr/local. Doing this is *your* decision, though; it
>shouldn't be the decision of the perl package.

Yes, he should put it in /usr/local since he is the sys-admin package.
I put nothing in the perl package except for Larry's stuff with Andy
Dougherty's unofficial official patches.

>I feel very strongly against the base system mucking with anything in
>/usr/local -- this is by definition *my* playground, and mine alone as system
>administrator of my machine. The system should not be preconfigured to depend
>on anything inside it apart from the directory stubs listed in FSSTND.

It in no way shape or form depends on anything being in /usr/local
anymore than having /usr/local/bin in your PATH causes you to depend on
anything in /usr/local.

>Having perl preconfigured to look in /usr/local/lib/site_perl for local
>extensions may be convenient (for you), but it is really wrong for the perl
>package to be imposing structure /usr/local, not to mention *depend* on any of
>its contents for normal operation.

As I said before, it in no way shape form whathaveyou depends on
anything outside of /usr/bin/perl5 except for some executables in

Would you prefer that I have perl configured to look in
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/i486-linux for site extensions?  This is the
default in the distribution if I specify prefix=/usr.  I fixed this in
response to a bug by Manoj because I really don't think that site
specific extension belong in /usr/lib.

Would you suggest that I cruft out the looking for a site directory at
all?  Sounds like a broken solution to me and I'll only do that under
duress.  What if I don't create the directory but still leave the
path alone.  Or maybe I can ask a question in the postinst asking if
they want to have a site_perl directory in the default place?

BTW, just one note.  Perl5 looks in /usr/local/lib/site_perl as well as
/usr/local/lib/site_perl/i486-linux.  The latter is just for platform
specific extensions such as shared loadable modules.

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