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Re: Bug#2182: perl shouldn't touch /usr/local

> >I personally don't care where you put it, but it *would* make sense for you to
> >put it somewhere in /usr/local. Doing this is *your* decision, though; it
> >shouldn't be the decision of the perl package.
> Yes, he should put it in /usr/local since he is the sys-admin package.
> I put nothing in the perl package except for Larry's stuff with Andy
> Dougherty's unofficial official patches.

Here's a suggestion.  Use /etc/perl-site or /var/lib/perl-site (I
don't know which would be more appropriate) as the directory compiled
into perl, and tell the adminstrator to create a symlink from there to
where ever he/she wants the local stuff to go.  BTW, I will have a
similar situation to deal with when I get around to packaging scotty.

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